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Long Story Short specialises in telling your story, differently – from photo and video production to copywriting and beyond, conveying your narrative in a meaningful and unique way is our priority.

Our agency is led by former managing editor and creative director Leah White, bringing with her extensive experience in the fashion, lifestyle, sports, and local government sectors.

Brands and organisations we’ve worked with include: Bloomingdales, adidas, Flybuys, Rebel Sport, Hype DC, Rolling Stone, Fashion Journal, VICE, New Balance, Rollie, Champion, Keep Cup, Melbourne Fashion Week (City of Melbourne), Converse, and more.

Bonds Winter '23 Campaigns

Surreal scenes


Creative concept, direction, casting and production for Bonds.


Bonds engaged LSS to develop campaign content highlighting both the Hyper Hiker activewear collection and kid’s Sherpa fleece range.

Hyper Hiker

Three graphic backdrops were commissioned and created to conjure a landscape that felt both Australian and otherworldly. These surreal, colour-rich environments were elevated with scenic terrain installations to bring to life the ideas of adventure and maximalism infused in both collections.

Long Story Short was responsible for casting both adult and child talent to cover these two distinct ranges. Styling was pushed to capture that maximalist feel and the brand’s chaos culture concept, leaning on thoughtful layering, grounded props and outfit mixing


Photographer: Sam Wong, DOP: Daniel Bolt, Stylist: Imogen Wilson, Hair: Phoenix Ly, Makeup: Rob Povey, Set Styling: Annie Fitzgerald, Backdrop Artwork: @major.moth